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Our Classes

Classes are 50 minuets long contemporary Pilates classes that utilize the Refromer and other accessories. Experience on a reformer is required to attend classes. No experience? We've got you covered with our Intro to the Reformer class. 

Intro to the 

This class introduces you to the basics of the Reformer machine. Learn foundational exercises, proper form, and equipment settings to build your confidence and understanding. Ideal for beginners looking to start their Pilates journey with a strong foundation.


This session incorporates more complex movements, a quicker pace, and a mix of accessories to challenge your coordination, strength, and endurance. Suitable for those who have a solid grasp of Pilates principles and Reformer exercises.

Keep It

Perfect for those new to Reformer Pilates, recovering from injury, or with permanent mobility limitations. Focus on mastering basic movements, improving technique, and building a solid foundation. The gentle pace ensures comfortable participation.


Designed for experienced Pilates practitioners who are comfortable performing exercises that require balance. This challenging class pushes your limits with advanced exercises and a faster pace. 


A versatile class that caters to participants of all experience levels. Modifications and progressions are provided to ensure everyone can enjoy a fulfilling workout. 


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