Pilates gets to the Core!
Pilates exercises focus on your Powerhouse or Core. But unlike conventional work outs, which tend to shorten and bulk muscles, Pilates uses full range of motion, and increases flexibility and conditions the entire body. ​​
Some Health & Lifestsyle benefits of Pilates can include:  Improved Strength, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Prevent/ Alleviate Back, Neck and Joint Pain from Arthritis. Pilates is even used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries.

Because you have to pay attention to your body positioning and form during your Pilates workout, it tends to push out external thoughts and stresses as well.

Also, Pilates isn’t the type of workout where you leave feeling exhausted or disheveled. Instead you will have increased energy levels, and a body that feels stronger, longer and leaner.

​What is "Reformer" Pilates? 
The Reformer is the Great Equalizer! In that a Reformer does not care what your Age, Fitness Level, or Gender is.
Every Body on a Reformer is different and each has an equal opportunity to excel in performance.  On a Reformer, most of the exercises are performed lying down, reclining or seated. Even cardio! So they are considered relatively low impact, yet still weight bearing.
The Reformer also provide resistance to help build strong bones. And since a muscle lengthens when it resists a force, it also helps achieve longer, stronger muscles.

Current maximum capacity is TWO participants. So we are only open for Private Sessions.

Special Pricing

$30 or three punches.

Duo is  $40 or two punches each.

Our One on One or Private Reformer Sessions are offered by a Certified Personal Trainer.

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