Our private Sessions are custom designed for your needs and goals. Do you want to kick start your exercise routine, desire a serious workout or want a better understanding on how to properly perform Pilates moves on a Reformer. Maybe you're just missing the classes and want to check in!

Private Sessions


Currently the only class offered is the ALL levels  class. No worries, because the Instructor directs the flow of the class based on the Pilates skill level of the participants.


Modifications will be given to bring the exersise levels up or down depending on the participants attending.

Keep it Simple

**Class is on pause for now. Please join our all level class. Good for those just starting a fitness routine, recovering from injury, or those with balance issues and permanent mobility limitations. This class is for those that the want the full Pilates experience but just aren't quite ready to do the more challenging exercises or positions.


**Sorry not offered at this time, but will be back. ** If you are brand new to Pilates or have taken a Mat Pilates class then this one time "Intro to the Reformers" is for you. We focus on the components of the Reformer, cover some of the terminology and basic moves of Pilates. Afterwards you will be able to slide right into whatever class fits your needs and schedule. 

Hard Core

*All classes are all Level at this time. Keep checking in for when we will offer this class. More advanced moves that require a strong foundation in Pilates or other Fitness routine.

This class is Core-Centric and ideal for those that want to take it up a level in Pilates. Not the best choice for those with any physical restrictions

 Mixed Level

* Class on pause for now, please see ALL Level class schedule. Intermediate level class that encompasses a mix of moves and accessories. Will hit the core, maybe do a little cardio, stretching, balance and resistance training. We may use one or more of the accessories like the boxes, the Magic Circle, the poles, hand weights...anything and everything goes!

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