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  • ADMIN at Pueblo Pilates
    Jul 6, 2018

    Many naturopathic doctors recommend dry brushing because it is said to stimulate the lymph nodes, aid the body in getting rid of toxins, improving digestion and kidney function, and more. Athough, there have not been a great deal of scientific studies about dry brushing,most will agree that gently brushing the skin does have exfoliating benefits and may even help reduce stress too. The movement of the brush on skin helps loosen dead skin cells, remove dirt and oil and hence naturally exfoliating skin. Soon there is an improvement in skin texture and there is a healthy glow. When dry brushing you may feel an increase in circulation, or a relaxed/tingly feeling that sends signals to the brain that are similar to the relaxing effects of massage. There are many articles and videos posted on line showing how to's. If you are interested in starting be sure to get a very soft and natural bristle brush. The natural bristle is softer and smoother reducing chances of causing abrasions. And starting soft will ease you into the process, with very soft and gentle strokes. Always stroke towards the heart, from feet to legs moving towards the trunk, then hands to arms and chest. Get as much of your back as you can reach, this is when a long handled brush comes in handy. I do my dry-brushing in the shower before I turn on the water, that way the dead skin...ew...can just go down the drain! PS if none of these benefits appeal to you then there are some who say dry brushing can help with cellulite! Now that may just be worth the extra few minutes a day added to the shower routine
  • ADMIN at Pueblo Pilates
    Mar 14, 2018

    Coming to the fairgrounds on April 27 and 28! Tickets as low as $4.00 and aisles and aisles of old used stuff? I am there! I am not much into antiques per se, but Vintage, Retro, Handmade and Re-purposed items is right up my alley. Especially anything Mid Century! Memories Of Grama's cooking come flooding back as I use my Fire King bake ware. And I can hear the nickels being anti-ed up when drinking my pomegranate juice in my In-laws old cocktail glasses. The concept that we can find a new use for items brings back grade school lessons instructing us to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. And there is nothing better than owning and enjoying something hand made. The quality, the personal connection and how you get to hold something in your hand that someone else put their heart and soul into! Guess I need to stay out of the Estate shop for a few weeks so I can have room at my place for my new finds.
  • ADMIN at Pueblo Pilates
    Feb 28, 2018

    Grain free alternative to Granola. Preheat 320 oven. In a large mixing bowl put: 1 cup each of four of your favorite Nuts. I like Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, and Cashews, Be sure they are raw and unsalted. 1 cup unsweetened coconut shreds. 1/4 c raw shelled pumpkin seeds. 1/4 c raw shelled sunflower seeds. 1/4 c chia, flax or sesame seeds. pinch of pink himalayan salt Toss the above all in the big bowl. *Optional. Roast 1/4 C unsweetened coconut flakes and add to bowl. * Use half/half whole and sliced almonds. Scoop out a full cup of the above mixture and pulse in a food processor until it is a bit powdery like above. Add back to mixing bowl. Add 1/4 C dried unsweetened fruit of your choice. I like cherries as it adds a bit of tang. On stove melt on low: 1/4 tsp Vanilla 2 TB coco oil 2-3 TB honey. Depends on how sweet and sticky you want the grandola to be. If you are making into bars or balls you would go on the high side with the honey. Pour honey, oil, vanilla mixture over nut mixture and evenly coat. Spread onto a cookie sheet and cook for 5 mins, toss around to mix it up and cook another 4 mins. Cooking time depends on your stove. Be CAREFUL not to burn! You want it to be sticky and not browned. Enjoy!!